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Welcome to the SCP (Spiritual Counterfeits Project) web site. Since 1973, the SCP has been a frontline ministry confronting the occult, the cults, and the New Age movement and explaining why they are making an impact on our society. In the name of truth, sophisticated lies are fed to unwary people who live in and shape our world. SCP's mandate is to communicate with our generation by creating crossover material that alerts and informs about the very real dangers of the latest deceptions. It is a critical mission at a critical time.

Dr. Ted Baehr, a summa cum laude graduate of Dartmouth College and Chairman of the Christian Film and Television Commission, as well publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Movieguide, asked Tal Brooke to be on his board of reference years ago. Over lunch in Berkeley Dr.Baehr told Tal in a matter-of-fact way, "You are the most brilliant Christian I know." Tal shrugged it off but took it as an encouragement for his efforts to defend the faith and like Ted Baehr, think outside the box.

Ted Baehr has said of SCP:

SCP is critical to "exposing the fruitless works of darkness" in an enlightening, inspiring and uplifting way that by-passes the clogged secular filters of perception to redeem the mind. Ted Baehr believes that the just published SCP Journal on Ayn Rand should go far and wide. To meet this challenge, SCP is offering Lee Penn's powerful and prescient article on Ayn Rand as a downloadable PDF on the SCP web site.

The Janus Face of Libertarianism - Ayn Rand - Read this issue online here

One World
Special Millennial Edition of When The World Will Be As One, with 40% new material and 211 photographs and graphics.
by Tal Brooke

One World explains why America's rapid descent is no accident, its virtues and values of yesteryear and the public memory of once great liberties and freedoms, erased like some vast hard drive. Now the anticipated signs of a techno-tyranny are beginning to emerge. Rhetoric about conservative values are used merely to placate the public. A New World Order could arrive virtually overnight and be unlike anything the world has ever seen, affecting every life on the planet and far from the utopian picture of universal brotherhood we are all being primed to expect.
One World uncovers the deep forces at work. The financial, political, military and spiritual arms of this powerful global agenda have an interlocking purpose that gives it almost irresistible power as history speeds toward world government.

ISBN: 1-930045-07-7, 270 pages, 211 photos

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Pop Prophecy
Exposing False Prophecies about the "Rapture," Israel, and the End of the World
by Tal Brooke, Steve Wohlberg, Brooks Alexander, Lee Penn, & Steven Sizer

Imagine thousands of verses cleverly lined up to present a false picture of things to come, misdirecting millions. That’s exactly what Pop Prophecy has done. This train is about to wreck, so get off! The prediction of strong delusion increasingly assaulting the church as the age progresses should not be taken lightly. The hugely popular Left Behind series of books and movies (most recently with Nicholas Cage), emphasizing the pre-tribulation “rapture” (a term found nowhere in the Bible) among other novel beliefs, constitute the most recent propaganda campaign on behalf of Pop Prophecy.

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The Mystery Of Death
Navigating the Great Divide
by Tal Brooke

The mystery of death--which to most is the greatest mystery of the ages--has now been solved allegedly through certain "scientific breakthroughs" revealed in Life After Life, the 1970s bestseller. In it and subsequent books, Near death experiences are described by those who have "come back" in images as wild and baffling as anything in the movies.
Riders Of The Cosmic Circuit
The Dark Side of Superconsciousness
by Tal Brooke

The "Riders of the Cosmic Circuit" are those who emerge from that rare explosion into superconsciousness called enlightenment, an exalted state attained by a mere fraction down the ages. Family and friends no longer recognize them, as they have changed on a fundamental level. Claiming Godhood, they operate behind an unreadable mask, manipulating those around them who believe their claims to deity. To onlookers they have an unknowable intelligence.

S a m p l e   J o u r n a l   T i t l e s

by Dr. Peter Jones, Anon, Justin Peters and Dr. Mark Harris, Mark Beliles and Stephen McDowell
Vol 44:1-44:2 2020, 2020

  • Overthrowing Cultural Norms by Dr. Peter Jones
  • Libertarian Objections to Mass Herding by Anon
  • The Hurt of Healing by Justin Peters and Dr. Mark Harris
  • America's Christian Foundation by Mark Beliles and Stephen McDowell
Battling the Woke Pipers
Volume 44:1, Fall 2021

  • A Conversion Observed: Tal Brooke's Escape from DarknessBy Tal Brooke and Mark Harris
  • The Emerging Church - "Emerging Into the Fog"By Mark Harris
  • Secular Education and the Uprooting of Revelation: The American Cultural Slide By Vishal Mangalwadi and David McDonald
  • Machines Made of Shadows - Beyond the "Reality" of UFSs Parts 1 & 2 By Brooks Alexander
Vol 43:3 - 43:4, 2020

  • The War on Freedom by Lee Penn, Edited by Tal Brooke
  • Midsirecting Believers With Lying Wonders by Justin Peters and Dr. Mark Harris
  • Same-Sex Marriage - Will America Self-Destruct? by Vishal Mangalwadi
  • Facing Revolutionary Times by Dr. Peter Jones
Vol 43:1 - 43-2, 2019

  • Marianne Williamson: Democratic Contnder and Established New Ager by Dr Ron Rhodes
  • Dangerous Doctines by Justin Peters and Dr. Mark Harris
  • Androgyny, The Pagan Sexual Ideal by Dr Peter Jones
  • Interviewing Kenneth Wapnick on a Course in Miracles by Dean Halverson

R e c e n t     S C P    N e w s l e t t e r s

Remembering Tal Brooke (1945-2021)
Special Edition, Summer 2021

  • Remembering Tal Brooke 1945-2021 by Mark Harris

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