The Wedge Of Truth
by Phillip E. Johnson

Price: $16.00

The Wedge of Truth reveals the latest breakthroughs in the Design Movement as Phillip E. Johnson finds the very wedge of truth that can split the foundational beliefs upon which the philosophy of science and the theory of evolution rest. Professor Johnson, of U. C. Berkeley’s prestigious Boalt Hall School of Law, raises questions that such evolutionists as Stephen J. Gould of Harvard and Richard Dawkins of Oxford do not want to deal with in public debate (They will often resort to changing the subject or ad hominem character attacks to deflect the direction of the argument). More and more, Phillip Johnson is unmasking the pretense of evolution, showing that it is indeed the equivalent of the emperor with no clothes in inventing ways of explaining away a complex universe without God. This is a great edition to his line of books.

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