by Philip E. Johnson

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In his first book, Darwin on Trial, Berkeley law professor Phillip Johnson took on the heavyweights of science. And he got their attention, even provoking a response from prominent neo-Darwinist Stephen Jay Gould in the pages of Scientific American. "This too shall pass," said Gould. But he was wrong.

Publishers Weekly called Darwin on Trial a "cogent, succinct inquiry [that] cuts like a knife through neo-Darwinist assumptions." Readers seem to agree; to date, Darwin on Trial has sold over 100,000 copies.

With Reason in the Balance he expands his critique from science to law and education. And he faces an entrenched foe: the philosophy of naturalism which underlies everything from current judicial readings of the Constitution’s establishment clause to the controversy over abortion, from the demise of public morality to the physicist’s quest for a Grand Unified Theory.

Wrestling with naturalism in its own arena, Johnson shows why what began as a philosophy of science is now the "established religion of America." How it has succeeded in marginalizing opposing views—particularly the Christian worldview—as "irrational." Where its weaknesses lie. And what "reasonable" alternatives might lead us from the cultural battlefield to perhaps a way out of our terrible impasse.

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