Witchcraft Goes Mainstream
Uncovering Its Alarming Impact on You and Your Family
by Brooks Alexander

Price: $11.95

SCP Founder Brooks Alexander says, "I have spent 30 years tracking various spiritual movements and have determined that we are in the midst of a massive cultural transformation…with far-reaching consequences. Witchcraft is entering the mainstream. Neopaganism has become one of the fastest growing religious movements today. Christians are not immune from its influence. Witchcraft and occultism are knocking on the doors of homes in America and Europe, gaining acceptance and prominence in the media and enticing people of all ages to dabble in deceptive and dangerous practices. This book offers a chance to understand what is going on. "Brooks Alexander's Witchcraft Goes Mainstream is clear, lively, well-informed, and well-written, offering Christians an accurate, analytical, and historical antidote to the claims of 'Wicca' and other neopagan cults." –Dr. Jeffrey Burton. Russell, Professor, Departments of History, University of California, Santa Barbara.

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