by Tal Brooke

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When Christ walked the earth almost two thousand years ago he would enter a public place and people became instantly divided. Their reaction to him was explosive and instantaneous. The sheer magnitude of Truth confronting them demanded a response; they saw a blinding light that not only offered hope, but at the same time revealed the terrible lies, private sins, and contradictions within each of them. Their response to Truth determined where they stood on the great divide. It was almost impossible for those in his presence to sit on the fence, looking directly into the Light, while remaining indifferent. They had come into the presence of the Son of God.

Polorized, they fell into two camps. It is what happens when the lone self encounters the Holy. They either loved him, acknowledging that he was the Truth incarnate, the long awaited Messiah who offered salvation. Or they conspired to remove his presence from the earth, to extirpate every word he said, and every act and miracle he performed. They were offended by the Holy and would conspire to destroy it, if such a thing could be done. Those who rejected Christ demonized him--calling him evil rather than confess the hidden evil which resided within the recesses of their own souls.

The contemporary battlefield of this ancient war continues--from the Jesus Seminar to evangelical feminists worshipping the goddess Sophia. Those who still refuse to be changed by Him, try to change Him instead! This book shows the range of this perennial conflict, the Truth ever shining above them.

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