by Peter Jones

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In just one generation, America has become an incubator of revived paganism. Behind the dazzling diversity of pro-choice culture--abortion rights, the homosexual agenda, radical feminism, the new spirituality, goddess worship and witchcraft--lies a coherent pagan spirituality bent on absolute control, intolerant of any truth but its own.

The Gnostic Empire Strikes Back, by Peter Jones, sounded the alarm of the New Age threat. This volume demonstrates that at the dawn of a new millennium, two world views (the only two) collide: pagan monism and theism--the earth goddess or the God who made heaven and earth. At the heart of our culture wars are Spirit Wars.

"Peter Jones has emerged as a skilled knight in the culture wars. He lays his theological axe at the root of the tree, cutting to the naked core of neo-paganism ... Spirit Wars is a must read."--R. C. Sproul

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