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The Spiritual Counterfeits Project publishes both the SCP NEWSLETTER and the SCP JOURNAL. These publications are excellent resources for providing a biblical perspective on new religions and spiritual trends. SCP subscribers receive one full year of both publications (four issues of the Newsletter and two double issues of the Journal). Click here for subscription information.

The SCP Product Catalog can be used to order current and back issues of both publications, as well as other high-quality reference materials, books, journals, newsletters, tapes and pamphlets, produced both by SCP staff and contributors and by other well known experts in the field of spiritual deceptions.

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S C P   J o u r n a l

The SCP Journal is an award winning publication which provides a Biblical perspective on new religions and spiritual trends. SCP Journals are unsurpassed in the field of analyzing and discerning the inside workings of new spiritual trends. SCP Journals have addressed the very latest deceptions--New Age seminars entering the corporate world with increasingly sleek programs, Joseph Campbell's mystical teachings on television before uncritical millions, and the leap in today's pop culture from ecology to Gaia. Subscribe today and you will see why we have such a dedicated subscription base.

S C P   N e w s l e t t e r

The SCP Newsletter is published four times a year and contains short cutting-edge articles as well as recent news on the spiritual front lines, letters, our catalog, plus recent events and news about SCP. Unlike the lengthy journals, that have probing in-depth articles, the 16 page newsletter is designed to keep the public in touch "on the fly."  The SCP newsletter is always a quick and interesting read and a means of staying connected to SCP and what we are doing in the heart of Berkeley, California.

S C P   B o o k s


SCP ACCESS packages are packets of information about individuals or groups, containing mainly analysis of the teachings from a Christian perspective. This information is excellent background material with which to arm yourself in preparation for conversations with people involved with these groups, or for your own personal growth if these are teachings that you have been involved with in the past or are currently involved with. This page lists most of the most popular ACCESS packages from SCP. If you cannot find the group you are looking for, please contact SCP directly, as we have information on many, many groups not included in this list, or we may be able to help direct your search. For more information please contact the SCP ACCESS/Counseling hotline via e-mail at access@scp-inc.org, or by telephone as described here.

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