N E W   W O R L D   O R D E R
The Iron Hand of Peace & Spiritual Unity

Volume 16:2, 1991 (ISSN: 0883-13)

A r t i c l e s
  • Breathing Together: Conspiracy & Intentionby Brooks Alexander
  • The Emerging Reality of a New World Order, by Tal Brooke
  • World Order & Freedom of Religion by Tal Brooke
  • Will Christendom Survive the New World Order? by Stuart Chevre
  • The State of the World - 12 Years Later, by Marc Mueller
  • Dialogues with Malcolm Muggeridge, Tal Brooke & Malcolm Muggeridge
  • A Letter Home by George Koch.
In this classic issue (from 1991), SCP looks at the New World Order as it moves from the realm of the shadows into the lime-light of the world stage, perhaps best demonstrated by President George Bush's NWO remarks made during the Desert Storm engagement. Topics covered include Desert Storm, the role of the U.N. in brokering the "planetary bargain," the EMU and the Euro, the foundational thinking of such key players as Ervin Lazlo and Dr. Charles Malik, the roles of the Tri-Lateral Commission and the CFR, and more. Also included is a rare conversation between Malcolm Muggeridge and Tal Brooke.

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