P R E P A R I N G   f o r   t h e   C O S M I C   M I L L E N N I U M
And the Coming Global Church

Volume 19:3 (ISSN: 0883-13)

A r t i c l e s
  • Preparing for the Cosmic Millenium by Tal Brooke
  • M. Scott Peck: Community and the Cosmic Christ by Warren Smith
  • Last Exit Before Judgment by Brooks Alexander
  • Signs of the Times by Warren Smith

In this journal SCP takes a hard look at what is perhaps the core issue of the day: the incursion of the New Age into the last bastion of Western Civilization, the Church. Is this the "great falling away?" It is a story of apostasy that picks up with Jesuit priest and philosopher Teihard de Chardin and his "omega point," and runs through the Armageddon Alternative offerings of Barbara Marx Hubbard, Robert Muller, Sri Chinmoy, and even M. Scott Peck, and ends up all the way to the World Councli of Churches (WCC) and the World Council of Religions (WCR). Don't miss this powerful journal and the insight it sheds on the patterns and manipulative powers of this age!

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