S t o r m i n g   D i g i t a l   H e a v e n

Volume 19:4-20:1 1995-1996

A r t i c l e s
  • Cyberspace: Storming Digital Heaven, by Tal Brooke
  • Welcome to the CyberMillenium. Part One: Hidden Building Blocks of the City of Bits, by Donald L. Baker
  • Virtual Man, by John Moore
  • Extropianism: Techno-Anarchy for a Brave New World, by Brian Godawaw
  • The Faustian Bargain: Computers and Human Potential, by Brooks Alexander

In this Journal, SCP explores the spiritual implications of the unprecedented technological development of Cyberspace. Topics covered include the neo-pagan and neo-gnostic influences in the hi-tech world, the threat of human imagination unleashed from the cause-and-effect reality of real life--manifested in such things as the explosion of cyberporn, the radical quest for virtual "freedom" pursued by the extropians, the influence of writerWilliam Gibson and his sci-fi novel Neuromancer, roboticist Hans Moravec and the ultimate VR dream -- downloading the human intelligence into the virtual realm, and the downside to the illusory promise of unlimited human potential in the cyber-plane.

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