J e s u s   a n d   t h e   D e n   o f   T h i e v e s
Scholarly Assaults, New Age Alterations, and the Creation of Other Christs

Volume 20:3-4 1996 (ISSN: 0883-13)

A r t i c l e s
  • Jesus and the Den of Thieves, by Tal Brooke
  • Apostasy in America, by Peter Jones
  • The Quest for the Historical Jesus, by John Moore
  • The Jesus Seminar, by John Moore
  • The Cosmic Christ, by Ron Rhodes
  • The Real Jesus Already Stood Up, by Brooks Alexander

In this Journal, SCP looks at the accumulated damage and apsostosy of two centuries of liberal scholarship; covering such things as the Quest for the "Historical Jesus," the gnostic pronouncements of the Jesus Seminar and their pet project, the Gospel of Thomas, the radical feminist theology of Mary Daly, Rose Mary Ruether, Virginia Mollenkott and others as exemplified by the annual mainline denomination "Re-Imagining" conference, the radical deep ecumenism of Matthew Fox and his Institue for Creation Spirituality and its look-alike cousin, the Cosmic Christ of the New Age movement, and finaly, the truth about the real Historical Jesus.

Those of us who have encountered Him know that Jesus Christ is at the center of history and stands at the end of history. I learned that fact in a hotel room in South India over twenty years ago. Like it or not, the nations of the earth, perhaps with one exception, set their calendars to the birth of Christ . . . A titanic event must have happened two thousand years ago for this to be a fact . . . The calendars of the earth are set to the life of no other man or thing, not Plato, not Ceasar Augustus or Alexander the Great, not Leonardo daVinci, Newton, or Mozart, not Confucius or Buddha.

The proclomation of Christ is embedded in the high architecture of Europe, in its great classical music and art, and in the guiding declarations of the greatest universities in the world. This fact speaks of a providential act of God. But in time, this presence will be eroded in a great falling away to take place over an unknown period of time. Such a process of apostasy has continued to accelerate in our lifetime. "A great falling away" from the faith is predicted to be a key sign signalling Christ's return -- a moment which many have tried but failed to predict.

-- From "Jesus & the Den of Thieves" by Tal Brooke

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