T h e   C o s m i c   M e d i c i n e   M e n
The Mystery Teachings of Deepak Chopra, Andrew Weil, and Bernie Siegel.

Volume 21:3 Fall 1997 (ISSN: 0883-13)

A r t i c l e s
  • Deepak Chopra--Wizard of Boundless Healing, by Tal Brooke
  • The Temptations of Deepak Chopra, by William Alnor
  • Energies of Mind & Body, by Ron Rhodes
  • Andrew Weil--New Medicine's Man of the '90's, by Brooks Alexander

In this Journal, SCP looks at the phenomenon of New Age beliefs mixed with "alternative" medicine. SCP's analaysis shows how the occult healing-traditions of the East are being filtred for Western consumption through the works of Deepak Chopra, former lead-man for Majarishi Majesh Yogi and bestelling author of such works as Quantum Healing, Ageless Body Timeless Mind, Bernie Siegal, Andrew Weil, and others.

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