I n   S e a r c h   o f   M a i t r e y a
Volume 20:3 1995/96

[Cover of Newsletter 20:3, SCP NEWSLETTER: In Search of Maitreya]
A r t i c l e s
  • In Search of Maitreya, by John Moore
  • The UN and the Leaven of Bejiing--goddesses & gender bending, by Peter Jones, PhD.
D e p a r t m e n t s
  • Letters to SCP, Daniel Pearson ed.
  • Beyond the News, Brooks Alexander
S C P   P r e m i u m
  • Maitreya and Benjamin Creme--by Tal Brooke. Cassette tape of a radio interview of Tal Brooke by Craig Roberts on the S.F. Bay Area Christian superstation KFAX.
  • Beyond the News, Brooks Alexander

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