by John Winston Moore
Volume 22:2 Autumn, 1997

Contact -- a recent movie about a scientist involved in the SETI (Search for ExtraTerrestial Intelligence) project, is a two and a half hour look at the universe through the eyes of the late astronomer Carl Sagan. Based on Sagan's novel, the movie is an exploration of what happens when scientist Ellie Arroway (Jodi Foster) and her team make contact with an extra-terrestrial intelligence.

Contact is not a great film, though it can overpower in a superficial way. It is a message movie, and its message resonates strongly with a certain segment, if the response at the showing I attended was any indication. The makers of the film seem to recognize this: the ads for the movie do not quote the usual media movie-reviewers -- they quote the gushings of true-believers who have seen the film.

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