A Rider of the Cosmic Circuit is one who emerges from that rare explosion into superconsciousness called enlightenment, an exalted state attained by a mere fraction down the ages.  Family and friends do not recognize him, for the Rider has changed on a  fundamental level. Claiming  Godhood, the Rider operates behind an unreadable face, manipulating the buttons of human reaction within those who believe his claim to deity.  But his outer form masks an unknowable intelligence. Who is he really?

To the ordinary mind, enlightenment is like a black hole in deep space whose event horizon descends into unknowable blackness. What measuring stick can the normal mind use to judge those whoclaim to be enlightened and One with God. How can you judge one who claims to be as beyond ordinary human consciousness as it surpasses that of the ant?

The author, Tal Brooke spent years in India and came right up to the mouth ofthe flame. He himself was being epared for a leap into superconsciousness by India’s premier godman, Sai Baba. Then he spotted a crack in the cosmic puzzle (the full story is in his intimate account, Avatar of Night.).

RIDERS OFTHE COSMIC CIRCUIT explores this deepest of conundrums and asks: Is there a dark side to superconsciousness? Does it have motives beyond the reach of most people? Is it capable of deception and evil? And is there any kind of pattern or mapwe can use to interpret this alien terrain of the metapsychology of cosmic consciousness? Indeed, is so-called
superconsciousness in reality a state of perfect possession? And what is it that possesses the human host who has willfully abandoned the controls of his soul and mind in this all-or-none quest for Godhood?