Now already in a second edition

The mystery of death–perhaps the greatest mystery of the ages–has been allegedly solved through key “scientific breakthroughs” revealed in the pioneering bestseller Life After Life and similar studies. Near death experiences in these books are vividly described by those who have “come back” from the deathplane in images as wild and baffling as anything in the movies.

Powerful digital special effects, in films such as the academy award winning film The Sixth Sense and What Dreams May Come, convincingly portray these paradigms of the afterlife. Audiences are overwhelmed with digitally enhanced scenes of the deathplane as they see beings-of-light, disembodied spirits, souls in an intermediate state awaiting rebirth, astral planes, psychic contacts with the other side, non-human entities, astral travel, mediums, channeling, earthbound spirits, and other spiritualistic phenomena described in bestselling books that constantly add to the corpus of New Age thought. Meanwhile, those with the most celebrated near death experiences often become media superstars, dazzling millions.

But is this paradigm of the afterlife what really happens at death? Or are such experiences–and that’s the key–a spiritual cocktail for a modern age that has been adrift and perplexed? Is it a symptom of a culture that has lost its spiritual roots, now blindly entering perhaps the oldest occult terrain in history? The Mystery of Death contends that there are realities that need to be considered in order to get the full picture. At stake is what happens to the human soul whose worth is beyond measure.